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02 October 2006 @ 06:40 pm
Thousands of Rent/Wicked/Idina Menzel screencaps  
Thousands of screencaps relating to Wicked, Rent and Idina Menzel.

Idina Menzel - AIDS Public service announcement
Idina Menzel - Broadway on Broadway 2001 "My Strongest Suit"
Idina Menzel - Broadway on Broadway 2003 "The Wizard and I"
Idina Menzel & JLT - Broadway on Broadway 2004 "For Good"
Idina Menzel & JLT - The View "For Good"
Idina Menzel - "My Strongest Suit" from Aida
Idina Menzel - Nothing Like a Dame 2004 "The Wizard And I"
Idina Menzel - The Zipper Theater
Idina Menzel & Kristin Chenoweth - NY1 On Stage interview
Idina Menzel & Taye Diggs - Idina guest stars on "Kevin Hill"
Rent - DVD deleted scenes and menus
Rent - Featurette
Rent - Movie cast on The Today Show
Rent - Movie cast on Regis & Kelly
Rosario Dawson - on Conan O'Brien
Wicked - "Defying Gravity" on stage, professionally shot
Wicked - "Defying Gravity" Tony Awards performance
Wicked - "One Short Day" Macy's Parade
Wicked - "Popular" at the Today Show
Wicked - "Popular" on stage, professionally shot
Wicked - Random clips plus misc other musicals
Wicked - "The Wizard and I" onstage, professionally shot

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